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Author Instructions

Only papers that have been presented at and approved by Tritium-2019 conference will be considered for publication. Submission of a manuscript implies that it is a new and original contribution that is not being simultaneously considered for publication elsewhere and that the authors have obtained the necessary publication rights.

All papers must be submitted electronically via the Fusion Science and Technology (FS&T) website at :

Paper submission deadline is: April 30, 2019 May 30, 2019.

All papers will undergo a rigorous technical peer review in accordance with FS&T standards. Accepted papers will be published in two FS&T Tritium-2019 dedicated issues and must be prepared according to author instructions at and In addition to the requirements of the Journal, a completed Cover Page (described below) must accompany each manuscript.

FS&T is no longer accepting/publishing papers in camera ready template form that was used in past Tritium conference paper submission.

Length of Papers: Invited papers are limited to eight (8) journal pages. Contributed papers are limited to six (6) journal pages. The manuscript (including the abstract and references) is limited to a maximum of :

  • 7000 words for invited (8 journal pg) papers
  • 5000 words for contributed (6 journal pg) papers In calculating the number of words, the following equivalents should be used :
  • Each table or figure of one-column width that occupies 1/4 pg counted as 200 words.
  • Each table or figure of two-column width that occupies 1/2 pg counted as 400 words.
  • Each equation is counted as 30 words per line.
  • Each reference counted as 20 words.
  • The above count takes into account space occupied by titles, authors. affiliation, etc., on the first page.

Submission of Papers

Manuscripts should be prepared in single column, double–spaced format with 12 point font to facilitate review and editing. Paper submission will be electronic submission via the FS&T website located at Log in as an author and select Submissions Needing Revision on the Author Main Menu, authors will be taken to a new window with a drop down menu for Choose Article Type – select Tritium-2019. Please select this submittal type and then proceed as normal to follow the manuscript submittal directions.
Tritium-2019 manuscripts must be received for review no later than April 30, 2019.

Cover Page

Tritium abstract log number, Title, and Author list, as well as the name, complete postal address, and the e-mail address of the corresponding author (marked by an asterisk) should be included on the cover page of the manuscript.

Manuscript Format

The manuscript should be prepared in accordance with FS&T regular journal instructions at Make sure to follow specific ANS/FST reference style.

English Correction Policy

Authors have the primary responsibility for providing acceptable English. Papers with low quality of English may result in rejection of the paper.

Reviewed Papers

The Corresponding Author will be notified of the results of the technical and editorial review via the electronic submission system. Revised manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the editor's and reviewer's recommendations as would any regular paper submitted to the Journal.

For further information, please contact :

American Nuclear Society
Fusion Science & Technology, Editorial Office
Email: [email protected]

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